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I had a bad day. What does one do after a bad day?

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Well, you gather up your daughter (or other kindred spirit) and head to a cheap flower market. (We don’t live in France, so we went to Harris Teeter and made friends with the flower lady. She gave us her wilting flowers for pennies. You won’t need the stems, so droopy is ok.)


There, at the flower market, you buy exactly what you want and then stop at a coffee shop to refuel. (I recommend Cinnamon Dolce Latte at Starbucks)


Next, you go home and get out your grandma’s silver (it hasn’t been polished in ages but it’s alright) and your wedding china. (My china is Ralph Lauren ‘Claire’. It has ribbons on it. You can’t buy them anywhere except e-bay now.)

The bunny napkins are from good ole’ etsy. Buy them here.

You get out the cheap candles you bought for a rainy day…Because after all, on rainy days, you’re not looking for candles. You’re too busy comforting your scared doggies!



Then, cut off most of the stems of your pretty flowers and begin to snuggle them around the candles on the bare table.

That’s it! You don’t need anything else except the flowers and the candles.

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Keep doing this until your daughter nods in approval and then light up the candles carefully. (Quick tip: I used the top of the candle jars by nestling them into the flower sculpture. They reflected the light.)

Now it’s time for the dishes and silverware…


Mix the gold spoons with the silverware because there are no rules.

Tuck crocheted doilies around the plates. (These  doilies have a little story of their own. My Aunt Mim bought them at my mom’s garage sale. They had belonged to my grandmother who had passed away. I was seven. Aunt Mim bought them all up and then gave them to me as an engagement gift years and years later.)


Give each place setting a flower of their own at each setting to make the person feel special.


This is my grandmother’s old table. I love it because it is imperfect. The chandelier is RH Baby . The smocked curtains are from Pier 1 (but they are sold out, so there are similar ones at World Market. To make your ceilings look taller, hang drapes as high on the ceiling as you can above the window and have them drape to the floor.

IMG_1329 IMG_1321IMG_1343

When dinner is finished (ours was pizza!), put all the flowers in big bowls. We enjoyed ours for 10 more days!


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