Fairy Doors

When your daughter has an evergreen heart, you want to foster it. So do the fairies, apparently.

After months after moving into our new home, my daughter was rummaging around her closet. There, beneath the onslaught of stuffed animals in a quiet corner was this…



She ran down the stairs screaming her head off that we were not going to believe what she found. Why the fairies had picked her, we know not, but there was a magical door.

We have quite a history in our family of fairies moving things around our houses so we cannot find them. This explains a lot about her room if there was that much fairy activity that it deemed the fairies necessary to create a door.

The investigation began.  Both my children involved, they began seeking out where this door lead. First, they looked all over outside the house, hoping that there was a small hole where maybe the fairies were escaping. Possibly, there’s a slide or a secret tunnel to this hole outside.  With no visible holes to the outside other than our dryer shoot, new theories were soon spun. Maybe the door is magical- like the wardrobe in “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”.  Maybe it lead to a mysterious land. Or, maybe, it lead to the fairy mecca of it all- Ireland!

Yes, it must be Ireland! My husband and I had just been on a trip there and came back with story after story of us seeing fairy holes, or fairy houses, but no actual sightings. Theses pictures flamed the fans of my daughter’s imagination.

There were two very large problems. Firstly, the door did not open. Everything was tried to pry it with no avail. Secondly, even if they could get it open, they were both far too large to fit through it. If only there was some kind of shrinking potion- like on Alice in Wonderland…

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  1. Betsy Tweedy says:

    In the basement of my old home, someone used a door to shore up the cement work in the wall and it left a perfect imprint of a door. I have thought many times that I needed to paint it. Haven’t yet but you may have inspired me! The grandkids would be very intrigued.

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