Coffee Filter Flowers (and how to dry them without major destruction of one’s home)


We got inspired by these pretty purple roses (my favorite flower) and decided, after reading a few blogs, that it would be a fun project for us. However, there is a lot of crazy advise out there on how to dry coffee filters after you dye them. One suggested we put them in the dryer. No, no, and no. Like most moms, I have a limited amount of focus on one thing (for example: standing by the dryer and making sure nothing catches on fire). I, personally, do not want to burn down my house. So, I have come up with a way not to do that. You are welcome. And let us begin…


Ya’ need:

coffee filters

food coloring

a bowl for dying

plastic cover for your table

a bowl for dried filters



a cute doggie on the floor hoping you are making him something to eat (optional)


Let us begin, my friends:

  • Cover work space with plastic table cloth! (I made the mistake of putting them on wax paper and they oozed and dyed my white counter top- thank goodness for Mr. Clean erasers. They are wonderful things). Put on your gloves, girlfriend, because my nails were purple for two days. It wasn’t pretty. I don’t like talking about it…
  • Put water in the bowl and begin mixing food dye. I put a lot of pink and blue together to get a royal purple. What you have to remember about dying filters is that the filter will turn out to be SIGNIFICANTLY lighter than the color that is in your bowl. Even if you leave the coffee filter in there for a long time, it’s still going to be very pastel. Try your hand at it and you will see what I mean.284
  • Leave in for a few minutes and then put them on a plastic table cloth. (I tried a cookie cooler, but it didn’t do much). Try leaving some in longer than others to get an ombre effect. 282285286
  • Do this until your table is full, then take your hairdryer (mine is pink of course) and turn it on a low setting. Take each individual filter and lay it on your hand. Use the hairdryer to dry it while it is on your hand. That way you can feel when it is starting to dry and be able to flip it over. If it just begins to get unstuck from your hand- it is a second away from being dry. If it starts puckering it is too dry and you need to remove the heat immediately. This does not take long at all. Don’t expect the hairdryer to dry them completely.
  • Place the semi-dry coffee filter in a dry bowl. Do not put them back on the table because they will get wet again. This seems like an easy thing to remember, but I made that mistake a few times and got streaks on my filters. Heaven forbid


  • ┬áNow that you have a pretty dry, dyed coffee filter (YAY!), you can begin the flowering process! Fold each one in half and then roll up. Take another and roll around the first roll loosely. Keep going until you have the amount of “petals” you want.
  • 296 300 301 302 293 292
  • Twist the end and secure with tape (My tape dispenser is a doggie I have named Brutus (he hides around the house a lot so I cannot find him). Yours should be cute as well. You can buy one here).295290
  • You are finished. You can put them on a wreath or just tuck them in with your nick knacks. So, in the illustrious words from My Big Fat Greek Wedding “There you go!”294Word to the wise: Coffee filter dyed flowers bleach in the sun and run in the rain- do not put them outdoors or by a sunny window or place they can get wet.303
  • I think this would make a great flower crown, too! Click here for info on that. Just use the same technique described on the flower crown post. The coffee filter flowers will definetly last a lot longer and can be made far ahead of time. Be careful when storing because they will smoosh easily.

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