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I always get in trouble when I go onto Pinterest because I am what my Grandmother used to call a “Botcher”. I do quick, easy, creative things, so I am not one who measures or is any kind of perfectionist.  I saw the following gorgeous pin and I knew I couldn’t do it. Or could I? I happened to have an artist I live with. But, honestly, you don’t need to be. I just broke down the steps. Here’s the original post for this wonderful idea: click here

As you can see, they used several colors of paint. Specifically, we printed out the original picture from the website I linked you to above and then brought it to the paint store and found the closest colors we could. Our paint store (which is Home Depot), allows you to buy samples of paint for a few dollars, which is all you need of each color, unless you are doing a really large wall. Then, you may just want to buy two sample sizes of each or a quart. The samples are of 8 fluid ounces of Behr paint. We bought these colors in flat:

French Colony

Shadow Blue

Flowing Breeze

Light Drizzle

Ashen Tan

Spun Wool


Here’s what we did:

We began at the top with the lightest color and drew a jagged line as far as we could reach (which is not far). Then, we filled it in.

We did the same with the next darkest color and so on until we got to the bottom.

I was constantly calculating how much space we needed to fill up.

If you make a mistake and have more room at the bottom of the wall, just go back to the paint store and buy the next darkest color and add on a mountain range.

We had to do a second coat on the darker colors, but you may just have to fill in some lighter areas. We found it was ok to have some of the areas a little lighter because it added dimension in real life.


When my son told me he wanted a Boy Scout theme room, there wasn’t too much out there with that theme. So, I thought about what he likes to do in the Boy Scouts. He likes to go to the mountains, camp, canoe, and hike.


I bought a plaid blanket which I flipped to the dark side and just let a little plaid peak out at the pillows. Here’s a similar one at Pottery Barn Teen. (Click on the highlighted words for links straight to the items)

I found a smaller version of the red striped pillow

For the wall, I bought a paddle, (buy similar one below). I thought he could always add more of those as we found them on sale.


I put an outdoorsy looking hat on the wall like this one below


I found some paintings he had done of the mountains as well as a canoe photo I found at HomeGoods (I swear the angels sing when I walk in that place).

On a trip to the mountains, I found a tin sign advertising “Raging Rapids”. I found a similar one for you on ebay.

I bought blue striped curtains at Marshalls for $15 a pair. Similar ones below at Amazon.

I bought a gray desk chair at Target for $36.The desk was my dad’s so it was free, but I found this one online that looked really nice and inexpensive. Click here.

I found that dreamy “CALM” sign at HomeGoods. I love it because he isn’t one to be calm, so it reminds him to take time to breathe every day. Find a word or phrase that your child may need to meditate on and hang that up in their room.

I bought a few birch branches and put them in the corner for a natural element. I knew he would forget to water a plant, so I figured that was the next best thing.



In all, we spent under $150 for the entire room!

Ironically, he was camping with the Boy Scouts for the weekend, so the three of us worked on his room while he was gone and then revealed it to him when he got back (which also happened to be his birthday). He had no idea and was thrilled!

Some other nice items for your Boy Scout or wilderness themed room:


A great idea if you don’t want to (or can’t) paint the wall is a tapestry like this.



Sometimes HomeGoods has canoe shelves, but never as nice as this one.

This is great for the younger crowd.


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  1. Betsy Tweedy says:

    With three grandsons quickly growing up, I can’t wait to see if this idea would work for one of them. 3 different personalities for sure. I know your guy is enjoying the room.

  2. Daniel Cottle says:

    Dress the room up even more with shutters for window decoration, branches for curtain rods, bear skin rug for the floor, fishing pole or stuffed toy trophy heads hung on the wall.

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