Hair Crown


Ever wonder how to make flower crowns?

I used to make them for all my friends growing up. It took me a while to figure it out, but I have come up with an easy way to do it. You only need a few things. They are very inexpensive and easy and don’t take as much time as you may think. But, they are fleeting little things. They need to be worn and enjoyed right away because even a night spent in the refrigerator can make them droop. (If you do need to refrigerate them for a few hours before use, make sure you don’t have any fruits or vegetables in your fridge because they will wreak havoc on your delicate crown.)


Get this stuff together:

Fresh flowers

Florist wire


Florist tape (optional for more delicate or thorny varieties)



Take a pretty flower and cut it about three-four inches from the bulb.  You can wrap it with florist tape if you are worried about thorns or think they are too delicate and could break.

Next, wrap the florist wire around and around it pretty snug.

Then, start wrapping it downwards on the stem.

Do not cut the wire.IMG_1392 - CopyYou can always put the tape on the top of the wire as well if you feel it needs it.

Next, lay another flower underneath the first one.  Continue wrapping the wire around the second stem.


Cover with the florist tape (which you are welcome to cut as much as you would like, just try not to cut the wire unless you have to.)

Lay the third one on and do the same thing.


You can keep doing this all the way around for a floral look in the back, or you can stop half way, twist your wires over and over and attach to the other side like I did.


Wrap the wires together and adjust at the head. You can always twist wires or untwist them- or even cut them if you have to- to fit the head.  You can also go back in and cut a few more wires and wrap around areas that seem too flimsy.


Remember, this is an artistic creation and it will not be perfect.

Here’s another example of one I did that wraps all the way around. I used heirloom azaleas for this one.


You can also use roses, baby’s breath, daisies (which are my least favorite to work with because they break), or whatever you have in your yard.  The flower I used in the directions above was a white, light pink hydrangea.  I thought it was beautiful, but it’s not too sturdy, so it’s good for portraits and not much else.

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