Friday Favorites (Home)

I love French things. Honestly, I am kind of a nut about it. When we go to the store, my children are constantly pointing items out that have the word “France” or an Eiffel Tower on them. I am not quite that literal about my love of French things. When I sat down to design my home, I found that I really wanted a mix of French country side, Paris style, but with a Swedish color pallet (think grays, whites, and touches of soft greens and pinks). I wanted everyone to immediately feel comforted and at home. I wanted my home to be peaceful.

So, the furniture, wall décor, even linens, should be inspired by how I want people to FEEL in my home.

Here’s a list of things that make me feel like I do in my home. Click on the pictures for where to buy:

I love this grey chair…

This pillow reminds me of the song my mother in law sings my daughter

Benches are great for entrance way (aka command station, aka dumping grounds) or can be pulled up to a dining room table for extra seating.

I love this chair, too. It gives pattern without taking over the room.

I am always for a bit of metal in the room. Not too much, though.

Ottomans are for feet and books and trays with coffee on them.

I know it’s not French, but I love Mora clocks.

Every pretty room needs a chandelier.

I was told by a fellow yard saler and friend (when I got an engaged and was finding super cheap things for my new apartment) that I should just buy what I like and somehow they would all go together.  I thought this was good advice. Then, I went to her house and it was a crazy place. Such a weird mix of stuff and colors.

To me, what you need to do is find a color pallet that makes you feel however you want to feel in your home. For me, I had so many years of very difficult times, I wanted a peaceful, comfortable place. So, I picked soft colors that made me feel that way. Some colors will make you feel a certain way, others another, but each person is different because colors and things are directly linked to your memory and feelings.

If an item in your home makes you feel bad in any way- especially guilty (maybe because it belonged to someone who made you feel that way)- get rid of it. If you just can’t get rid of it- put it in a box in your attic, away from your line of vision. With so many things in the world coming at you and trying to make you feel certain ways, make your home a sanctuary from that.

I love to put in key words in Pinterest (like “french country” or “Norwegian design”) and look at lots of pictures. Take note of the rooms you pin- how do they make you feel? What colors are you drawn to? It may surprise you.

I thought, when I was first making my home, that I wanted a lot of chippy, shabby chic things. I love that look, but soon found that after I had children, everything looked warn and old and I was craving smooth, sleek, white lines.  Even old things that were well taken care of were making me happy. So, when my kids were at their least destructive point, I began buying things here and there that reflected that.

My style began to form and then reform- as yours will.

Now, I am drawn to medium colored and light wood pieces, white linens, soft tones of blue, green, and blush (I dare not say pink infront of my boys who will veto). I want my house to look like it belongs in the French countryside, but it still has low country nods (the coastline of South Carolina is considered the Low Country).

Each thing in your home should reflect you and what makes you happy. It should be the place you come home to after a vacation and smile when you walk in the door.

Like my husband always says after coming home, “I forgot how pretty this place is.”

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