Friday Favorites (Food)

I try to eat healthy, often failing miserably. But, there are many things I keep in my kitchen that help me a lot. Any little change counts! Here’s a list of really good things to eat that don’t taste awful. Click on pics to buy:

I put this icky thing in smoothies and I cannot taste it at all. It’s supposed to be super duper good for you, according to Dr. Oz

Dairy free and gluten free chocolate chips.

You can use this kind of sugar to substitute BOTH white granulated sugar and brown sugar.

In case you need a gluten free, low sugar snack.

I keep gluten free stuff in my pantry for when my mom comes over.

This is better for you than peanut butter (but I must admit that Peter Pan peanut butter makes me weak in the knees).

Just adding some simple changes here and there makes such a huge difference. I know people say that a lot, but it’s true. If you are buying a few items here and there and replacing them with your family’s normal junky foods, it’s always a win. If your children don’t notice you’ve done this (sneaky) or they fall in love with the new product (like the Kind bars), it will be huge in how they think of “health foods” forever and ever.

Over the years, health foods have gotten such a bad rap for tasting terrible that I find husbands in general (sorry if you are not like that) shun healthy alternatives. I like to try a new recipe- like my chocolate chip cookies– or change one and only one ingredient at a time on a favorite recipe (for instance, I change milk to almond or coconut milk).  I give this food to my family and say nothing.

After they ooh and ahh, I tell them. HA! I laugh and do a little dance and say “got you again”!

My family thinks I’m weird.

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