Sunshine Punch (and other secret recipes)


This recipe is so simple and fun- especially during summer events. It took me all of one minute to make it. I had to watch my intake of it because unless you buy sugar free ginger ale which I highly recommend (see below), it’s a little too high on the sugar rating for me… and pineapple makes my tongue hurt.  But, it’s wonderful! I originally saw a punch similar to it in my Biltmore cookbook, but we hate bananas around here, so I omitted them.

Here’s what you need to dump in your punch bowl:

1 can of condensed frozen orange juice

1 can of condensed frozen lemonade

1 (2-liter) Ginergale

1 can (46 oz)  of pineapple juice

I made this on July 4th and it was a super hit. We were able to leave this out all day and it stayed cool. I covered it in between meals, but everyone still drank it.We played a made up card game and ate chips and crackers with different kind of dips in the afternoons. Basically, we ate all day.  Here’s a quick list of our other food that day:




“1905 Salad”

This salad is native to the city my husband and I grew up in- St. Augustine. With it’s Spanish upbringing, St. Augustine is such a unique, older town. We loved growing up there. A restaurant called “Columbia” has an incredible salad we have learned how to make by buying one of their cookbooks. I have created a link below. If you ever have a chance to go to St. Augustine, please eat at Columbia. It is by far the most gorgeous restaurant I have ever been to. Once a year, they go back to their “1905” prices- the very same prices and menus served the year they opened. St. Augustine is worth the trip as well. Visit their site here.




“Gourmet Grilled Cheese”

Another of our favorite resturants in St. Augustine is “The Bunnery“. We fell in love with these pressed sandwiches and had to figure out how to make it on our own. We came up with something either very close or better (patting myself on the back).


Here’s what you need:

Loaf of thickly sliced Asagio Bread (or French Bread or Cheese Bread)

Fontina Cheese

Grilled Chicken Strips- cooked (optional)

Smart Butter

Mayonaise (or vegan Mayo)

Roasted red peppers


Butter the side of the bread that will hit the pan. Mayo the inside. Put the pre-grilled chicken, cheese, and red peppers inside. Grill like a grilled cheese or press in the George Foreman grill. Eat with a Kosher pickle and some potato chips (crisps).



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