Friday Favorites (Home)

It’s time again for Friday’s Favorite Things! It is super hot outside- dangerously so (around 110 degrees F), so I am looking for items for my home that look cool.


First up is a simple, but pretty chenille bedspread. I know what you’re thinking- chenille seems hot- but not this kind. Think of a light towel. My grandmother lived in a beach house in Florida and she had one of these on every bed.  They were cool and soft. I love throwing my terry coverup on after the beach and this is just a big version of that.

In the summer heat, I find I stick to everything I sit on. That’s not exactly a lovely picture to paint, but I know I’m not the only one. Putting a pretty cushion on your chairs is such a nice treat in the summer when everything feels so harsh.

Fancy hammocks with mounds of pretty linens on top and a pillow, swaying in the breeze, is sometimes what I visualize when I am trying to get to sleep. This is stuff dreams are made of.

There’s really not a lot of things prettier than little flickering fairy lights in a summer garden. My mom puts them in her faux flower arrangements as well.

Why not change out your wall decor with the seasons? I find anything at all that brings a seasonal feel (even if it’s just a summer theme) is so fun. Check this vintage bathing suit that someone framed. Maybe you have an old one of your mom’s or grandmother’s laying around the attic that you could frame.

Or, maybe you have an old photograph of family members at the beach you could put out. This one makes me smile.

When I picture the Jane Austen era, I think of people draping linens on all the fine furniture as the owners of the house summer elsewhere. I think that may be why I love linens on heavy, dark furniture in the summer so much. This one in particular makes me drool.

I love vintage fans. I have no idea why I love them so much other than they remind me of vintage airplanes- which I also love. Even when the air conditioning is blasting, I love the feel of moving air.

My daughter has been experimenting with her new ice cream maker. We are the taste testers and my son and I are in heaven! When she calls us down for her newest creation, we practically fight our way down the stairs like the kids on a “Christmas Story” did on Christmas day.

While your wee one tries her hand at ice cream, she should look adorable- not that she doesn’t already.

You should be equally adorable if you are helping her.

I love putting straws out for the kids to drink with. I find they drink a lot more water when they have them. However, I hate the plastic straws and what they do to our planet. These are much cuter and biodegradable.

I also highly recommend changing your drawer liners in the kitchen at least once a year. These are really pretty. I have an all white kitchen, but I like a pop of color here and there where you wouldn’t normally expect it. Even if you keep your kitchen drawers in a messy way (like I do), lining them doesn’t make them feel as messy and it is a lot more sanitary. I can easily wipe them and lysol them if I need to, where as the wood drawers are porous. You could have a crazy amount of ick in there without liners.

If you’re lucky enough to live at the beach, wrap yourself and your love in this while watching the sun come up or down, or just on a cooler evening.

You don’t have to sit on the ground, you know. Have you ever seen a beach chair that looked cozier?

While you’re at the beach (or a very open area with no threat of fire), write a few prayers or wishes on one of these eco-friendly paper lanterns and let them go. My husband and I were walking on the beach a few months ago and watched a family reunion group let these go. It was more emotional than I realized it would be.

I also love this for your backyard.

We received no less than ten picnic baskets for our wedding! I used them to store everything- even if we weren’t picnicking.

Dress up your door or fireplace mantle. Why, again, do we only decorate for Christmas?


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