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Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us dragons can be beaten -G.K. Chesterton

It’s time again for Friday Favorites! I have to admit, this is one of my favorite days to blog. I love going shopping for you. Today, the theme is French romance. I was feeling the dark grays vibe when I woke up this morning- think forgotten castles. The preview to “Beauty and the Beast” took my breath away recently.  Here’s the inspiration for that.

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This duvet is so gorgeous, I’m drooling. The scroll work on the bottom surely belongs in a castle- or your room. I love the idea of having a see-through coverlet with pretty designs on the edges. I have a large, black dog that would really love it, too. Sigh…

If you like the idea of white linens that transcend style, this is your bedding. White and lace never go out of style and always look expensive and beautiful. There’s something really decadent about slipping into an all-white, fluffy bed. White bedding also reflects light in the morning, so prepare to glow. You’ll look so beautiful that people will bring you things without you asking- like your breakfast. You’re welcome.

We need to talk about this chandelier. It looks like someone has gone into an old french apartment and stolen it straight off the ceiling. I love all the bends in it. If there is one thing you should splurge on in a room, it is the lighting- particularly the center lighting. It makes the room as far as I am concerned. Someone once said to me, if there is a room you love, it’s most definitely because of the lighting. Last month, we took down my mother’s aged living room fan and put up a chandelier like this one, I swear the value of her home went up tens of thousands of dollars.

This ceiling light reminded me of going into a small, french cafe. It would look beautiful as a foyer chandelier, but you can think out of the box with lighting- I would also put this (or maybe two) over a large island in the kitchen.


What says abandoned castle like dark, gorgeous curtains puddling on the floor? I love these because they have a print, but it is still subtle. I’m not a big fan of prints that take over a room usually. The tie backs below go with the curtains so beautifully. There’s something really welcoming about pushing back curtains in the morning and hooking them on pretty tie backs.

Seating should be extremely comfortable. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you can’t sit back, put your feet up and read a good book. Furniture should not be art pieces, in my opinion. They should be objects of embrace.

This chaise is most decidedly french, but it’s not pretentious. It is in desperate need of a gray, velvet throw(which I also found for you below). The colors in this chaise can go with anything- including pure white. Don’t be afraid to mix whites.

I own this throw and I play with the little ends while I watch television or read. It is soft and comforting, since I get cold easily.

I don’t know what I love about colored couches, but this one has to be one of my favorites. It has beautiful lines, but the color and fabric take center stage. When choosing furniture, most people will tell you that neutral is better. That is not necessarily true. Sofas, in particular, are usually the largest items in the room. Your eyes immediatly go to it for several reasons. Humans want to feel comfortable right away when coming through a door. Without even knowing it, we often feel anxiety when entering a new place. We look around for a reason to feel safe. Sofas give off the vibe of being “safe places”.  When I was a little girl, when playing hard in the house on a rainy day, our blue sofa was often “base”- no tickling or horse playing could happen there. We would catch our breaths before squealing into the next sequence. Our sofa also was the life raft in a sea of sharks.  Maybe that’s why I love this one so much- it reminds me of my childhood home.

Yes, my advise would be to be brave with your color choice of sofa. It is, after all, a haven for sharks.


This picture says exactly the theme of the room. It has the gray colors, which I love, but it also reflects my inspiration for picking these items. My imagination goes wild with it. I imagine myself about to knock on that large, foreboding door. What sort of person would answer a door like that?


Honestly, I don’t see why bed crowns aren’t used more often. They go directly above the headboard with pretty curtains draping down it. Bedrooms have one star- the bed- and it should be treated as such.

Last month, when I went to the Biltmore, my favorite shop had this flower cart and I almost lost it I loved it so much. The shop was selling it for more than double the cost this one is. As someone who does very poorly with gardening, being able to just stick some pretty flowering pots in the cart or hand them from the “roof” of it seems much easier than digging a hole somewhere. You can change out the plants if need be (i.e. when you kill them accidentally). It would look great on a porch or, if you are the luckiest girl alive and you happen to have one, in a conservatory.

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