Ribbon Wall Hanging

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If you have small children, this project is not recommended due to choking hazards

I wanted to make something that would hang from a light fixture in my home. However, the more I did this project, the more I realized that was not practical or safe (catching the house on fire is never a good idea).  I turned it over and over in my hand and realized how beautiful it would be hanging on my wall just as it is.

This was actually one of the more fun and easy projects I have ever done. There was no sewing at all.

My daughter and I picked a color theme (ours was ‘peaches and cream’). Every time we went to a craft store, we would buy a spool or two of the prettiest ribbon we could find. Just about every single one is different. We also found an enormous embroidery hoop on sale. We bought two sizes and ended up using the 18′ one. Yes, it is that huge and we love it!

Here’s what you need for this darling project:

20+ spools of ribbon (less if you have a small hoop)

tiny safety pins

Large Embroidery Hoop


Crocheted lace for the middle (optional- I didn’t use it)

hoop 3 hoop 2



Cut the ribbons long (we varied our ribbon from 4 feet to 18 inches.

Wrap the end of the ribbon on to the hoop and safety pin it to the back. (Some of ours we tied on, but the ribbon does not go as far.)

Keep doing this until half the hoop is covered. Wrap the rest of the hoop in a pretty ribbon.

hoop 1

Hang from the wall, making sure it is no where near anyone could get tangled in it (especially not over beds!).

Remember, this is not a project for you if you have small children (also kitties and puppies), they can get tangled in the ribbons!

The picture below shows mine hanging in my office. It is roughly 5 feet tall!

hoop 4


That’s it!

I think this would also be beautiful as a Christmas decoration if you chose the colors of Christmas you use. (I can picture a gorgeous red one.)

It is so easy and fun. I would imagine you could also do this with long, narrow strips of material as well, but keep in mind, they will fray and it will not look as delicate. I actually tried that first because buying a lot of ribbon does get a bit expensive. (Make sure you are buying everything on sale.) However, I wasn’t keen on the look. It was a bit ratty for me, but maybe I was doing it wrong. If you try it, will you send me a picture?

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