Ooey-gooey Veggie Pita



The thing I hate most about ordering vegetarian fare in restaurants is how dry so many items are- particularly pitas. So, I have worked years to perfect this, but the inspiration actually comes from a menu item at Theo’s in St. Augustine called “The Natural”. I have found a way to make this in my home so that I don’t have to spend a half a day in my car driving down to my hometown every week. What I have come up with is different than “The Natural” but it still has the ooey-gooey soul of one of my favorite foods.

There’s a secret in the sauce I will tell you about to make it 4 napkins good!



I used to eat a pita very much like this every Sunday afternoon of my childhood, so I still crave it. My favorite way to eat this pita is with just tomatoes, but I know the rest of the world is not quite as obsessed with tomatoes as I am. In fact, you can put any salad-y type toppings on it and I will not be there to stop you.



Naan flatbread

Tzatziki (this is the secret ingredient)

Sliced Provolone Cheese

Salad-y ingredients like:




Green Onion

Onions (optional)


Here’s what you do:

Set oven to 350 degrees

On a cookie sheet (or casserole dish), place your Naan flatbread. We like Stonefire Authentic Flatbread Tandoor Baked Naan Original (that’s a mouthful).


(You do not need to precook this because it comes baked and ready to be reheated.)

Spread Tzatziki sauce (which is cucumbers and greek yogurt) over the Naan flatbread just like you would mayo on bread, but a bit thicker.

pita12 pita6

Put some slices of provolone cheese on top (we used two- three on each one).


Bake for about 10 min (or until the cheese starts turning brown).

While it is baking, cut up the salad-y ingredients. Yes, my knife is turquoise, too…


Take out of oven and let cool slightly.

Top with the salad-y stuff (or just tomatoes if you are like me).


Fold in half and wrap with wax paper (I wrapped it around and around twice and then tucked the bottom in) because, as I stated before, it is ooey-gooey!


Tips on the table setting:


My friends, Terri and Kinsey, gave me some fresh blueberries from their family farm (oh my goodness they were wonderful, thank you, ladies!), I used a little creamer dish to serve them in. You can use any container that goes with your dishes- you don’t need special containers for things- just use what you have. It will look really cute if it’s different.


I keep out a few of my Christmas ornaments all year and use them around the house. Ornaments that have little clips can be used in so many ways. This little bird is one of my favorites and I clip her on all kinds of things around the house. You may spot this little bird on a breakfast tray, a basket, or clipped on to a table setting like this.

I like to mix and match my teacups which family has been giving me for years. This one is from Aunt Mim for my high school graduation. It inspired my first color scheme in my first apartment on the bay front- blue and white.

I used empty wine and champagne bottles for water carafes. It annoys my husband when the kids are constantly getting up to get more to drink every few seconds, so everyone gets a bottle of water to serve themselves. That way, conversation can continue to flow. It is especially useful when we eat on the porch because no one has to keep going inside for more to drink. The kids drink more water, too.

Love this look? Click on the pics below for links where to buy!


I love my turquoise dishes. I use them so much and wish I had bought more.  Here’s a few things that are very similar to what I own.

I actually own everything but these mugs in this set- I think I need to buy these, too!

I’m a little obsessed with little polka dots. One of my classrooms I had was completely covered in polka dots and everyone made fun of me, but a girl has to make even a third grade classroom adorable, right? I spent a lot of time in that classroom. But, I digress… back to our place setting. I’m a little obsessed with these plates.

I couldn’t find the exact plates I have, but these are close and they are not expensive at all.

You need this butter dish. It is turquoise and it has a bird on it- need I say more?

Here are those Stonefire Naan flatbread things in case you can’t find them in your store. Just a hint, if you go to the customer service of your grocery store and ask for an item, they will order it!

These flowers are PLACEMATS! They have a blue hydrangea that is really pretty and fun and would be great with this look.

I think you need to start collecting teacups for yourself or someone else. I always imagined a wedding filled with mis-matched teacups and plates. Start collecting now if you have a daughter or granddaughter. I used to get one for every occasion and every place I visited.

Turquoise place mats like this are great for outside use or on the porch.

Here’s a very similar bird ornament to mine.

If you don’t like the water carafe idea I had, here’s a really pretty set with a pitcher.

If you aren’t a wine or champagne drinker (I’m not either), here’s a really nice one that’s very cheap.

If you are a princess, you need this water carafe.




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