Friday Favorites (Eco-friendly)

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it- Henry David Thoreau

Part of being an Evergreen person is thinking about our Earth and how we can do our part.

There are some absolutely cool, beautiful things you can buy for yourself and your household to teach your children just how much the environment means to you. I have picked my favorite things- the softest, best, most wonderful eco-friendly things- for you!

Have you ever felt bamboo material? If you haven’t, please buy something bamboo here because it is the softest thing you will ever put on your body. Not only that, but bamboo is a wonderful product in so many ways. First, Bamboo is super sustainable- it grows so fast. My mom inherited some bamboo in her garden and my son is constantly at war with it- it grows so fast you can actually see it grow! It is also biodegradable. If you ever wear something out completely- it will self decompose in a land fill. Bamboo material is hypoallergenic and- get this- it is also the type of clothing that bacteria does not like- so it is resistant to it. That doesn’t just help you to smell pretty, it can also be grown without pesticides!

I am pretty sure you are about to buy both of theses dresses.  They are the softest, easiest things in the world.

These are the coolest glasses- made of bamboo- which means they aren’t like those cheap-o plastic ones you spend an arm and a leg for. No, these are good for the environment and make you look devastatingly gorgeous.

These baby towels are so soft and wonderful. Buy them for yourself and the wee one.

You can also buy them full size and feel like a freakin’ rock star when you get out of the shower.

Bamboo sheets are the softest. They are also thermo regulating. So, in the summer, they keep you cool, in the winter, they keep you cozy.

On special occassions, my father used to float candles in our pool and small pond. I can’t tell you how beautiful, yet inexpensive, this idea is. If you have some sort of water body in your garden, this is a great thing to do. These happen to be biodegradable.

I have really gotten into more natural toothbrushes lately. There are so many chemicals that interact with the medicine I have to take. At one point, we couldn’t figure out why I was doing so poorly until we realized that my toothbrush had some really serious chemicals in it- like bleach. I was putting that in my mouth twice a day and I had no way of knowing it because this “whitening” toothbrush didn’t mark the ingredients. What?! That’s crazy. Also, I change toothbrushes pretty regularly, so I didn’t want to keep throwing away all that plastic. These toothbrusthes are not only environmentally friendly, but they are BPA-free and soft.

I gave a party recently and a friend of mine gently pointed out that balloons are not necessary good for our planet. I thought about that for a while and decided he was right. There are biodegradable balloons out there, in case you didn’t know (I didn’t). They are not expensive and they will make your heart happy knowing you are giving an environmentally conscious party. This isn’t a great pic below, but click it and it will take you to the site to buy. They come in bulk.

I outlawed water balloons years ago because I hated all the plastic pieces around my yard and then the amount of trash it created. These are biodegradable AND cheap! $5 will buy you 100 of these smackeroos. I think I may need to surprise my kids <evil laugh>!

This is not only great for the craft room, but you can also hang this bolt of paper up in your dining room and create a menu each day. It’s great because it’s 100% recycled paper (and we need to support companies that do this) and it’s biodegradable and compostable! There’s even a restaurant we frequent that uses this for their tablecloths. We all love to draw on them.

Let’s face it, few of us actually use those refillable coffee mugs in our cars. If you do, comment below and I will give you a gold star (for real), because you are lovely. If you don’t, why not use these? They are compostable and recycled.

Now, the gross stuff. Can you imagine a world covered in trash bags that do not compose for a THOUSAND years. Yes, you read that right. So, spend the extra dollar (don’t be cheap) and buy these. They are so much better for the Earth.

I love a certain restaurant just at the foot of Black Mountain. They use everything they can biodegradable and recyclable. It’s a beautiful thing. Their plastic utensils are actually much nicer than the plastic ones everyone is used to. They are smoother and don’t have any plastic-y taste. These are made of plants. You need them for your next party.

There is way too much chemicals being put into our waterways. Until there are better laws for this terrible thing, do everything you can to make things better. There are so many great products out there that aren’t just good for the Earth- they are good for you, too. You are, after all, part of the earth. This is free and clear of bad chemicals.

I have heard wonderful things about this book (which is cheapest to buy used or with the Kindle program it is FREE). There are so many great recipes here that you can easily look up. It will save you a ton of money and it will be so much better for your home and kids.

I know this seems old fashioned, but think about how little waste we had a hundred years ago. Get some nice sack cloths like this. You can throw them in the wash every day or few days. They are wonderful for cleaning up spills and drying hands. I keep a stack in my kitchen. It is so much better (and cheaper) than using a hundred paper towels. May I add, they are prettier, too!

So, I must admit something to you. I can’t really grow things yet. I am trying. I started a small (think two pots) garden with tomatoes and lettuce. I have gotten a total of ten tiny tomatoes and I am thrilled! I almost sent out a newsletter about it, I was so excited. So, I don’t exactly have anything to can, but I use these jars for so much, I had to share:

  • Salads- individual salads are made in bulk every week and stuffed in these
  • Salad dressing- I make my only salad dressing
  • Measuring things- built in measuring lines
  • lemon juice- freshly squeezed
  • craft items- pins and buttons. Sometimes I glue the tops onto the bottom of shelves and just unscrew the jar

Do you have a favorite environmentally friendly product? We would love to hear from you! Please comment below. We read and respond to everyone.

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