Favorite Things (Evergreen Baby)

I’ve been so inspired by my dear friend, Nora, who is having a little girl next month. She mentioned to me she wants an Evergreen themed baby shower. What a wonderful idea! I have gathered some beautiful baby things here that are so sweet, soft, and wonderful for your wee one.


I wish they had made these when I had my daughter because I think they are wonderful, bonding things. This one is particularly lovely in mint green.

No, what we really need to talk about are these shoes! Ugh… makes me want another baby. I. Must. Be. Strong.

These are bamboo towels- they are so soft and so good for that baby and the environment.

I have the warmest memories of my daughter wrapped up in a hooded towel. This one is made of bamboo as well and is so soft to the touch.

Socks made of bamboo, because you all are addicted to bamboo like I am now, too.  A small tip- put baby socks on a lingerie bag while being washed or you will never find them again.

I found this wonderful bowl and spoon made of bamboo, too. It suctions to the highchair so it doesn’t get thrown on the ground numerous times.



This wallpaper is so incredible. It is soft, so it never feels busy. Scenes of fawns and other animals in an enchanted forest give so much life to the imagination.

A beautiful chandelier in baby’s room is a must, just make sure you hook up a dimmer to it. This one has little birds on it. Where can I put this in my house? I must have it.

A dust ruffle on a crib makes everything feel as if it’s floating. You can also stuff toys underneath it. This one is a triple layer of tulle.

One thing a lot of new mom’s don’t know is that they live in the chair they put in baby’s room. You sleep in it, probably nurse in it, eat it in, play with the baby in it. Think of it as part of you for the first year of baby’s life and you won’t mind spending a little to get a super comfortable one. This one swivels and has a matching swivel ottoman (super important).

To match your fawn wallpaper, this fawn bedding is so beautiful. Once again, we have a unisex theme which is soft and magical.

I am in love with this artist. I had to pick the watercolors who were wearing flower crowns because I think it’s funny, but there are numerous ones to pick from that don’t have the crowns on. They are delightful and sweet as well as inexpensive.

Why not put wallpaper on the ceiling? Your baby will be staring at that ceiling a lot. I love the idea of this large rose on the ceiling. Have a party with your friends at your house and have everybody help you. Don’t you dare get on a ladder if you are pregnant! I can just see a chandelier coming out of this.

This book is full with wonderful things for your baby’s Evergreen life.

Many blessings to you and your new baby! Enjoy every second and ask for help when you need a break (trust me, there are lots of people who want to hold your baby for an hour).

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