Friday Favorites (Bedroom)

My bedroom is my sanctuary. It’s like a refuge, and it’s where I do a fair amount of designing – at least conceptually, if not literally. -Vera Wang

I am redoing my bedroom right now, so it’s a total mess. I have bought a few things here and there, focusing on a soft color scheme of mint. However, it was lacking luster, so I am using the same colors (I tinkered around with navy and emerald green wall colors, but I thought better of it), but trying to add some love to my design. If you’re heart isn’t in something, you will never be happy with it. Don’t buy something you just like. Buy something you love and can’t stand thinking about someone else owning instead of you.

Here’s my idea board:

My kids love to come into the cozy nest of our room and watch old movies. I really want some extra seating at the end of our bed. I fell in love with this lounger because it looks like a french bed. The color is beautiful and who doesn’t love the wood frame?

I bought this upholstered headboard in a linen material. I thought very long about getting a true, wood French bed with the beautiful carvings. However, I sit up in bed and read a lot. I wanted something really comfortable. We have really loved this simple, sweet headboard and I am actually building the room around it.

I also bought this mint (gasp) tv armoir. It is such a gorgeous color and it was so incredible inexpensive. It didn’t take long for us to put it together and it looks beautiful.

I found the sign on the left at a T.J. Maxx near me this morning. Mine is a lighter color and it is twice the size, but I had to share it with you. Why not put love notes like this on  the walls? Please, promise me you will not put pictures of family members (especially your kids) up in your bedroom. This should be the only room in the world that is only about you and your mate. It’s important to keep that sacred.

I’ve been shopping for new bedding since our large, black dog has kind of ruined the bedspread we currently have. My mom gave us a beautiful, satin blanket for our room, but I know we will need more bedding come fall. This is certainly beautiful. I am hoping my husband goes for it even though it’s a bit girlie. I think bedrooms should be a bit girlie, but that’s just my opinion.

We bought these two lamps in a very similar style. I couldn’t find the exact match, but the mercury glass is what I was after. I think it’s important to have bedside lighting and overhead lighting in a bedroom. We go through lighting stages in our room. As the evening comes, our overhead light goes off (which is a rose chandelier from France) and these bedside lamps go on.

I bought some ivory lace curtains but I am not using them for curtains! I am using them to hang from a shelf that I have made into a bed crown. I can’t wait to show you.

I may need to buy this for my books. It’s getting out of control. I have a love affair with vintage ladders. Maybe someone will read this and get me one for Christmas.

Remember me telling you about the shelf I turned into a bed crown? Well, if you can’t wait for the DIY next week, this one is so pretty!

Honestly, there’s not a lot of ceilings in the world you will study like your own bedroom ceiling. Why not make it pretty? You put this between your ceiling and your chandelier just like they used to in mansions and castles. It’s not expensive at all and it makes a huge impact. You could paint it, but please don’t.

I love fans so much, but they tend to be really unattractive. This one hangs from the wall. It reminds me of Out of Africa, which I find incredibly romantic.

This is a wonderful chandelier that shields the eyes from direct bulb lighting. It is made of shells.

When we were building our house, we decided to splurge one night and stay at a fancy hotel. I’m so glad we did because it gave us both such wonderful ideas for our own house. One idea was getting a double curtain rod like this. We have the sheers closest to the window and a blackout curtain on the outside. I can’t imagine doing it any other way.

My favorite beauty secret (I don’t have many) is one passed down from my Grandmother who had beautiful, snow white hair. She slept on a satin pillow and said that her hair and skin is better for it. Well, now we have studies to back up that one hundred year old claim.

Please get a bed skirt. It makes all the difference in the world. I will be putting up a tutorial on how to make your own bed skirt soon, but these are going to be much easier.

I had never even heard of breakfast in bed until I got married. My husband brings me breakfast and coffee on Saturday mornings. He’s never more handsome than when he cooks. I think the reason I fell in love with him is because he was the cook at the restaurant I worked at. I was a starving college kid and he used to make me free food. Sometimes, he’d shape something like a heart. I need this breakfast tray.

It’s ok to buy yourself this mug. I believe you are gorgeous.

Why not start introducing your family to vegan foods? They are so creative and wonderful. Not only is this food great for the environment, it’s a wonderful, loving way to live. Try making one vegan meal a week and try new things!

I believe that master bedrooms should be a retreat. We love hotel rooms because we can stock up on drinks and only have to walk a few paces. Especially if you have little ones, this cute refrigerator is a must. You don’t have to wake anyone up by going into the kitchen. There’s something very romantic about not having to leave your room.

A coffee station can be equally beneficial. It would be so nice to wake up in the morning with coffee in your room. You can keep the clutter below in the hutch.

Stay tuned for my brand new master bedroom! I am working on it tonight and can’t wait to show you!

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