Friday Favorites (Vintage School)

As a teacher, I used to break out in hives when the back to school supplies invaded my favorite super center. Maybe, if you’re a parent, you hear angels singing when you see this, but I think most teachers will agree with me.  In fact, the primary colors make me slightly nauseated when put together. The smell of crayons… well, you get the idea. So yesterday, as I was trying to spend as little time on the worst kind of store on the planet (I hate you office supply stores), I realized that school supplies had not changed too much since the 50s. In fact, no one has come up with a whole lot new since then besides making cheaper versions of what we used to buy then.

I do long for the days of Anne of Green gables and her beautiful belt she wrapped around her delicate books, the teacher ringing a golden bell to come to class after a beautiful picnic lunch. Sigh. So, I dug up some things that reminded me of those days. They are beautiful and inexpensive things you can buy that are not obnoxious or <gasp> have Sponge Bob or some other horrible creature making googly eyes at your child.

Here’s my favorite school supplies:

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I love this ruler. It is so pretty- it almost looks like lace. Buy one in each color. In fact, I would recommend buying two of everything- one for school, one for home- that way your child is not lugging supplies as well as books home every night. Teacher tip: Ask the teacher if he has any extra text books you could keep at home- that way your child does not have to carry them back and forth.

These are actually pens that look like pencils.

You get all four of these cases and they are great for whatever supplies your child has. I like the seperate cases instead of one huge box that is bursting at the seams. These have French designs on them.

This is a beautiful, faux leather backpack that is sturdy and will grow with your child. Highschoolers would even like this one.

My daughter loved this backpack so much and, frankly, it’s my favorite, too. The colors are really pretty.

For a lighter look, this also comes in pink.

This unrolls to hold all your colored pencils or crayons. Think about it, a crayon or pencil box lasts all of a week or two before it’s a mess. We own one of these and I use it constantly. The crayons don’t melt in it if someone leaves their backpack in the car and they don’t fall out.  It’s a really pretty toile design, too.

I bought this retro lunchbox for a back to school tea party my daughter is having. I can’t wait to show you what I’m doing with it next week.

This is the coolest lunchbox. I can see my son putting surf stickers on it. Very retro and very neat.

This is a great option if your child prefers a canvas lunch bag. This one is really cute.

Instead of flooding our landfills with plastic baggies, how about these reusable ones?

Nothing made me more jealous as a kid with soup in the winter. This thermos is vintage and has stood the test of time. I like the handle.

Since Fixer Upper on HGTV used these at each table setting with the words, “They broke bread together in their homes”, I’ve been obsessed. I love the idea of using these instead of white wipe boards in the classroom. Wipe board markers run out so quickly and then they get tossed in landfills. In a class of thirty, that’s a lot of waste. Chalk has zero waste.

I used this bell every day at recess for my students. You can use it at home to call the kids in for dinner or ring for them upstairs to do their homework.

If you haven’t read this- read it this week. You will cry and laugh through the entire thing and you will realize what a wonderful thing education is.

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