Back to School Tea Party

I would really like to go back to school. I would love it now. -Fiona Apple

I wanted to start the school year off with my friends and my daughter’s friends laughing, praying, and encouraging each other. I decided to use the apple theme in everything and threw in a few school supplies into my simple, yet pretty decor. Let me share it with you:

apple 2

I found a wooden bottle holder at HomeGoods and put some paper cups with water in it. I stuck a bunch of daisies in the cups and with little berries (please let me know if you know what they are- I loved them!).  I nestled apples inbetween the daisy bouquets and lit apple and vanilla candles around the display. It was super easy and the daisies will last about a week or more as will the berries. I also used a silver collander and filled it with apples on the buffet table.

apple 15 apple 20 apple 18 apple 19

I decided, after debate, not to use a table cloth. I think if I had used a red table cloth, it would have taken away from the pretty pops of red throughout the house.  I also arranged a few deep red carnations and some more of the berries together in a white mason jar on one of the buffet tables.  I put red napkins in my wooden bird napkin holder I bought at a craft fair years ago.

apple 3 apple 9

I tried to put little touches of red throughout the great room to keep moving everyone’s eyes around to find the little red treasures around my white house. I let everyone find this little gem for themselves.  Our cow, Lula Mae, who dresses for every occasion, had a wee apple on her head.  The apple was bright red, but for some reason came out more of a brown in this pic.

apple 4

Lula Mae resides over another buffet table I had set out with a display of school supplies nestled in our old fashioned tool box.

apple 17 apple 11 apple 1

I thought of gluing the rulers together and making a table runner or place mats, but I couldn’t find enough.  I also thought of sharpening the pencils and gathering them up like a bouquet, but I didn’t have the strength to sharpen 100 pencils, I know you will forgive me. So, my daughter stuck them in a tool box with some pretty fairy lights.  I think it came out really sweet.

apple 16

I used a little turn-style pencil caddy to put our utensils. I gathered each fork in a red napkin and then pinched it together with a red clip.

Here’s a little peak at my kitchen island. I like to always have a big jug of water for guests.  In the cake dome on the right, I bought some mini croissants. I cut up some little pieces of apples and mixed it in with a deli salad (imitation chicken salad works well) so keep with the theme.

apple 14

My aunt loves to make these little croissant treats with marshmallows in them, so I tweaked her recipe to be vegan and have apples in them.  You can find the recipe here or by scrolling through my recipes at the menu at the top of the page. I put them in a plaid vintage tin lunchbox to keep with the theme. I also loved the practicality of serving them in this because I could keep them warm by closing the lid until party time. I bought the box for $5.99 and cleaned it well- love how it looks.

apple cinnamon 3

Dagmar's Home Thrifty and Vintage Finds link party

We served Apple Spice tea by Celestial Seasonings (Hey, Celestial Seasonings, I hate your new boxes, bring back the sweet boxes with poetry, please!). The tea was loved by everyone and served in the tea set my daughter got for her birthday from our dear friend, Nancy. I also served apple punch. Get the recipe here. It was so good!

apple 8apple punch

Here’s one last picture of my daughter helping with the set up! We all word plaid to the party!

Happy back to schooling!

apple 12

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