Friday Favorites (for Dogs)

I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source.
—Doris Day

Our two sweet dogs, Hershey and Zuzu were sixteen last year when they passed- far too close to each other. Zuzu was a lovable brat that looked like a mini husky and Hershey was a red setter mix with the sweetest disposition as ever anyone ever had on Earth. It was really tough to lose them- Hershey was such a source of therapy for me and Zuzu was a source of laugher.

Five months later, we went down to a wonderful animal sanctuary called Hallie Hill by our home where my friend, Sue, works and decided to open our hearts to a small, white dog…. what we came home with instead was a huge, fluffy black dog named Ike aaaand a beagle name Tina Tootles (I added the Tootles). When Ike came out to meet my daughter, I swear “Some Enchanted Evening” was playing somewhere and there were butterflies and rainbows beaming out of both their eyes.  They fell madly in love with each other and my white couch has never been the same.

My beagle, Tina Tootles, was in the vet hospital last week and we almost lost her. We had everyone we know praying for her and she has miraculously gotten better- she’s frolicking around and wagging her tail today! YAY! I think I’ve given her a thousand kisses since she came home on Monday.

IMG_1223 IMG_1221 (1)

They are both senior dogs- especially Tina Tootles who is upwards of 14. It was hard for my husband, in particular, to get used to two new dogs just a few months from losing our two beloveds, but he soon bonded with them and they are definitely part of the family- as I’m sure your pets are. (That’s actually my husband giving Ike bunny ears above.)

So, in celebration of Tina Tootle’s home coming, I decided to do a Friday Favorites all about dogs!

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This is a high end dog server but it will last forever. I love the height- especially for older, larger dogs who have a hard time eating with their heads down.

Here is an inexpensive bowl that has a really sweet color. I would buy at least three of these so that I had another for water and one to change out daily when I wash it.

Here is a less expensive version of the one above. It won’t be as sturdy, but it is nice looking.

We have always stored our dog food in cans like these to keep it fresh and to keep Linus (the cat) out of it.

I like the idea of hanging one of these in the mud room. There’s a place for mail and a place for your stuff as well as your dog’s leash.

Since we have two dogs, we keep our leashes and doggie bags in a basket a lot like this one. It’s great because the kids can just throw everything in it and it’s not all over the floor.

I thought you needed a laugh…

This dog bed is on the higher end side, but it’s worth it to keep your dog off the couch.  Just give him his own couch! So many times the look of a really pretty house is ruined by a really ugly dog bed. Treat this piece of furniture like you do the rest- pick it out with style.

This is a great book to give away to your dog loving friend or keep for yourself as a coffee table book. It’s stylish and important to keep books out in your house. Change them out monthly and watch your kids read more. Just seeing a book out makes kids want to grab one. I keep books in my seasonal decor and change them out with the seasons. I have fall books in with our pumpkin decor and Christmas books in with our ornaments. It reminds me to change them out with the seasons and everyone loves it.

I like this harness because it is padded and it’s stylish. It’s a lot more comfortable for your dog to wear a harness when they are walked then to be drug around by the neck.

I am in love with Blueberry’s collars. There are so many to choose from but these are my favorites.

Matching or mismatching leashes is fun!

More manly collars from Blueberry.

I know, I know, I try not to dress up my dog too much, but sometimes it is necessary. I love this little collar for Tina Tootles below.

I am thinking about getting one of these ties for Ike for the Holidays. I think he would look handsome.

Your pup gets cold, too. I love this sheep’s wool jacket because it is so easy to get on and off.

Why not a boyfriend sweater for your sweet boy?

This jacket comes in a multitiude of colors and and is great for rainy, cold days. It’s easy to get off and on and the collar covers just enough of the neck when they walk.  I know most dogs don’t like their ears covered. We have one in red.

Our large dog, Ike, wears a backpack when we goes to hiking. It really helps my daughter climbing over rocks to hold on to him. The one on the left is a lot like the one he has and it is light weight and easy to carry. My daughter wants the one on the right for him because she likes a more vintage look. Both are great to carry a small bowl for water or an extra pair of socks for you.

We have one of these and it’s a lifesaver when you’re traveling with your dog.

Did you know your dog should wear a seat belt in the car? If you have him in a seat, put this harness around him and thread it through the seatbelt. It will keep him safe so he’s not sliding all over when you step on your breaks. If you get in an accident, God forbid, it may save his life. It will also help with a dog who tries to get on your lap when you are driving. We don’t let Ike drive even though he wants to.

I think you need these footies. So do I….

I’m probably going to have to buy this for my husband since he loves running with our big dog Ike.

This next item gets me a bit emotional. When our dog, Zuzu, was at the end of her life, her back legs gave out. We would put her in her wagon every single  night and still take her on our walks with us.

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