DIY Bedskirt

I was looking at tulle bed skirts and they were upwards of a few hundred dollars! The rest of the bed skirts I found were so plain that I was less than enthralled. I thought of a way to make my own bed skirt using a few $2 sets of curtains from Walmart! It was really easy and in less than an hour, I had a finished project. Scroll down for the directions!



4 cheap curtains (ours were $2 from Walmart).

Staple Gun

Sewing machine


Old bed skirt or sheet the size of your bed (so you will have to cut it down)



  1. Cut 4 curtains in half long ways. We used really cheap curtains from Walmart. All the sizes were the same price, so we got the largest one. bedskirty7
  2. Iron them
  3. Take the existing bed skirt or sheet and pin the curtains on to the edge, making pleats by scrunching them(I didn’t pin and regretted it). If this is an old bed skirt you are using, you can cut off the part that would show. You only need the piece that goes under your mattress.
  4. Sew on the curtains to the old bed skirt, scrunching them up as you go if you didn’t pre pin. However, I made a lot of mistakes and NONE of them showed. This is a very forgiving project!bedskirty2 bedskirty-6 bedskirty-5 bedskirty-4bedskirty8
  5. When you have covered the entire bed skirt (except the part that rests at your headboard- you don’t need a bed skirt there), stuff the bed skirt under the mattress like you normally would.
  6. Take the staple gun and secure the bed skirt to your mattress. This is the time to fix any length problems (as you can see I did).bedskirt11 bedskirty12 bedskirty10 bedskirt13

There you go! I think I may add another layer eventually to this to give it a fuller look.


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