My Master Bedroom

I was getting completely stir crazy. The thing about fibromyalgia is that it gets me down for days at a time and I hang out in my bedroom a lot. We kept the large television in there so I could get my mind off the pain by watching hours of tv. I hated this room. I hated everything about it. Why? It was beginning to morph into a hospital room. There was a moment a few weeks ago that I threw off the covers and stood up and decided I was going to take back my master bedroom.


At first, I imagined a dark blue or emerald pallet with very dark walls and ceilings. But, honestly, I don’t have the strength quite yet to paint walls or ceilings. Nor do I really even have the energy to drive to Home Depot and pick out a paint sample. But, I had a few good weeks (WEEKS! It was wonderful!) this month and decided to try to make the most of them. I kept my color pallet of neutral greens and ivories and worked with what I have. I spent a total of $39 to fix it up a little (I bought a duvet on clearance), but it’s so different feeling in the room.


The first thing we did was take the television out of the bedroom. We moved it into the living room (which I am not used to at all). I needed to be more part of my family when I do have bad days and not hide away in my room and draw the drapes and cocoon myself. It was like letting go of my security blanket, but I did it.


The next thing I did was change the bedding. Yes, it will be slightly harder to make the bed every day, but it will be totally worth it.


I also hung up a beautiful bed crown that I made for very little money! You can find the DIY for the bed crown here.

I also made this dust ruffle out of $2 curtains I got at Walmart! Get the DIY for the bed skirt here!



We cleaned up our night stands so that only visually pretty things would be on them (no tissues boxes or magazines).


I also set up a seating area for my husband and I to have coffee in the evenings and talk about our day. Just about anyone can squeeze a small table like this in.


I put our chandelier (from France) on a dimmer. It’s important to keep turning down that dimmer at night to mentally prepare for bed.

bed24 bed21 bed19

We hung up some paintings and mirrors that meant something to us. You will not find pictures of our kids in our room, by the way. Keep this about you and your partner. It’s the one place on the planet that should be just about the two of you.


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