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Pot Pie Popovers

August 2, 2016
Serves 4
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I have never been much for potpies, honestly, until my Aunt Mim made me one from scratch one day. It was a turning point for me. I had no idea they could taste so good. My problem, as I tried for years to duplicate her recipe (without any success), is that when I would cut into it, it would turn into soup with a little crust on top. So, one day, I had some crescent rolls left over and I had an epiphany (don’t you love pot pie epiphanies).  Why can’t I make individual pot pies with this? I could use my cute little muffin tin. I know! Brilliant, right?

I made these tonight for my Uncle Bill. He liked them because they were light. I served them with a salad with blue cheese dressing because that’s his favorite. We played UNO afterwards and the game was brutal!

This recipe is vegan if you leave out the chicken! The Potato Leek Soup is surprisingly vegan as is the crescent rolls. You would never think!

Here’s the recipe: